Every deck is 100% handmade in Italy and is formed by 4 plies of wood veneer (maple, mahogany and others) or 3 plies of wood veneer + 1 of aluminium (aluminium bottom ply decks) or 3 plies of wood veneer and 2 of aluminium (multiply decks).

The Crown shape has Medium kicks and medium/low concave.
You will always have a UNIQUE deck!

With every deck you'll receive 1 free tape and 2 stickers

Sizes: 98x32mm

What's Multiply?
It's the innovation by Queen's decks!
It's a 5 plies deck, made of veneer and aluminium plies.
This decks is thinner than usual 5 plies decks, it has a lot of pop and stability.
Try it now!

Unfinished Queen's deck multiply
Unfinished Queen's deck multiply

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